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Mojacar Pueblo

  • Coastal
  • Historic Interest
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  • Tourist Destination
  •  A bar in Mojacar View across country from Mojacar lookout point
     A townhouse villa in Mojacar Plaza Nueva in Mojacar Spain
     Mojacar backstreets and steps going upwardApartments in Mojacar Pueblo
    White painted Mojacar backstreets with flower arrangements A window of a Mojacar house
    Painting Mojacar PuebloPlaza Nueva

    Mojacar Pueblo in Almeria Spain is an historic hill-top village with a modern beach resort, Mojacar Playa, which offers history, romance, and space for relaxation.

    Mojacar Pueblo is a picturesque sight of whitewashed buildings and steep and winding, cobbled streets. Perched high o­n a hill in the Sierra Cabrera it overlooks the Mediterranean Sea. It was a centre of trade for the Phoenicians, Greeks and Romans but the Moorish influence dating from the 8th Century, is most visible.

    The place is a melting pot of cultures, indeed, it is said to have proportionately o­ne of the most international blend of people in Spain. It is also a haven to people with an interest in the arts, many writers, painters and photographers have made Mojacar their home. Moreover, it is a very popular tourist destination thanks to its unique charm, relaxed atmosphere and warm hospitality.

    There are variety of interesting boutiques and shops to tempt you or why not relax and have a beer or two in the many excellent bars and street cafes. Every Wednesday is market day and the streets are home to numerous stalls selling essentials to the locals.

    There are a number of historical places of interest in Mojacar:

    • La Fuenta (Fountain), where women wash clothes with their feet in the water. Natural spring water is said to have flowed here since the Roman times. It was restored in 1876.
    • The Plaza Nueva with its splendid views of the neighbouring countryside. It also houses the Hermitage de los Dolores which is now a shop.
    • The Parish Church de Santa Maria, which seems to be a fortress; it has a single vaulted nave and was begun in 1560.
    • The ancient Castillo which dominates the village and is now an open viewing platform.
    • Casa del Torrein, the old customs house.
    • Puerta de la Ciudad (City Gate), a semi-circular arch featuring the arms of the town. It is the original site of the main entrance to the village since Moorish times.

    One of the strangest tales associated with Mojacar is that it is the birthplace of Walt Disney. Apparently, Walt was the illegitimate son of a local woman who emigrated to the USA. In Chicago she is said to given him up for adoption to Flora and Elias Disney. Sadly, this anecdote cannot be confirmed as no birth records exist in either town.

    Each June, for 3 days, there is a Moors and Christians festival, that celebrates the expulsion of the Moors from the region. It is a spectacle well worth seeing, there are re-enactments of key events and the participants dress in elaborate costumes. Every year the two groups stage mock battles urged o­n by the crowd, and true to history the Christians emerge victorious. This takes place against a background of music and gunpowder explosions.

    The symbol of Mojacar is the Indalo Man, the shape of a man holding an arc between his outstretched arms. It is said it brings protection and good luck and is often painted o­n the front of houses. The symbol is thought to be 4500 years old and is associated with the Neolithic paintings found in the caves of Velez Blanco.